EP: Asteroid Cowboy Blues: Overview

Greetings Fellow RP’ers! I recently started running a campaign in Eclipse Phase. It isn’t my first campaign, but I thought I’d do my best to document it for future generations online. So the campaign details and playthroughs (to the best of my recollections) will be posted here.

The Campaign Name: Asteroid Cowboy Blues

Location: The Main Belt

Campaign Synopses: A crew of mining speculators find themselves thrown into a conspiracy after witnessing their ship getting nuked, while they were on an asteroid habitat. The crew, now without a captain and a means of leaving the asteroid family they are currently in, find themselves stranded on board of a habitat atop a small asteroid, having to rely on their wits and various skill sets to escape this situation and try and find out who destroyed their ship and why there is a derelict habitat on this asteroid.

NOTE: This is a non Firewall campaign. This basically just means the plot isn’t tied to fighting some sort of X threat.

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