Reputation Roulette

A prelude to a series of posts on the blossoming reputation economy Navigating the Complex World of Strategic Decision-Making In the world of game theory, various strategic situations are presented and encountered where individuals or entities must make decisions that impact not only their own outcomes but also those of others. These scenarios can be […]

Coup on the horizon 2

Something was eating away at him. He wiped away another bead of sweat, and thought to himself damn this air conditioner. Cheap third world peltiers!. As he stared up at the fly covered strip of adhesive dangling from the broken ceiling fan. He hadn’t gotten his answers but a clearer picture of what was happening […]

Coup on the Horizon

Briggs Walters was still feeling jet lagged, as he stood partially covered by his umbrella, and partially covered by the coffee tree he was squatting under, to get a better look at the beans that weren’t growing properly. The farmer next to him, though exuberant, clearly didn’t fully understand why Briggs had flown all this […]

The watchmaker and the hill

The rivulets of blood slowly coalesced on her abdomen, just below the wound. The gun shot. She had been shot. This wasn’t in the plan. She wasn’t expecting to be out here. Not in the January cold, slowly bleeding out from the stomach. A hole somewhere it shouldn’t be. A monkey wrench in the clockwork. […]

What is Transhumanism?

Introduction: I plan to write this to reflect my views on transhumanism and the role of transhumanism in modern society. This is meant to be a practical exercise and I write this addressing and with present socio-economic situations in mind (not future speculation and pie in the sky optimism). This will likely be an ongoing […]