Coup on the horizon 2

Something was eating away at him. He wiped away another bead of sweat, and thought to himself damn this air conditioner. Cheap third world peltiers!. As he stared up at the fly covered strip of adhesive dangling from the broken ceiling fan. He hadn’t gotten his answers but a clearer picture of what was happening […]

Coup on the Horizon

Briggs Walters was still feeling jet lagged, as he stood partially covered by his umbrella, and partially covered by the coffee tree he was squatting under, to get a better look at the beans that weren’t growing properly. The farmer next to him, though exuberant, clearly didn’t fully understand why Briggs had flown all this […]

Dom Traun

                The phone was ringing. It hadn’t rung in weeks. No one called Dom anymore. His head was groggy as he stumbled out of bed to his living room, where he quickly touched the giant mute icon on his wall display, stopping the obnoxious sound.                 Dom rubbed his head as he squinted at the […]


For four years Jennifer had been a researcher for the tech/biotech conglomerate BioSol, and today she felt the weight of those years more than ever, as she keyed the final strokes to submit her paper for publication. Her office inappropriately quiet during this occasion, only the muffled sounds of party music and chatter from outside, […]

Jesk Reader

“Accelerant. That’s all it was man. An accelerant.   Welcome to my world.” Jesk on the theory of Moore’s Law. Seventeen years ago the greatest hacker that was ever born came into this world. His name? Good luck finding that out. That was the first thing I erased from the cloud. I was eight years old […]