Session 1 pt 2: The Aftermath

Note that this campaign was killed due to several players having to drop out after this session.

note: this is a write up of the adventure our gaming group had in the roleplaying game: Nights Black Agents. All events are works of fiction. Vampires are not real.

Back at their safehouse, the crew called it a late night but were awoken in the morning to an ominous message. Cartier had received another SMS with a location’s coordinates. Only this time the crew wasn’t awaiting a dead drop nor planning to make one….

After reviewing their GPS tag on the mysterious fishing trawler, they discovered that the boat had docked at another marina in Tel Aviv, a few miles down the shore from the Tel Aviv marina, after circling around the sea for a while.

After a stern discussion they decided they would check out the coordinates that had been shared first, then pursue the boat. However before they could set out, Cartier’s face was on the news as a person of interest in relation to a grizzly murder that had occurred at the Marina last night. One other suspected had not been identified, but the crew recognized Trevor walking the breakwater, even in the grainy nightvision footage. However Cartier could be clearly seen in footage of him interacting with the marina security guard. He would not be able to easily roam the city.

The crew decided it best to quickly pursue the mysterious SMS location before anything else. They needed answers and they needed them fast, as they contemplated leaving the country, likely not for the last time!

The location they were told to go to

Eitan was getting paranoid and insisting that whatever had killed Issachar was not human. He insisted on bringing a suitcase of trinkets and exotic weapons. He suspected vampires.

He suspected vampires

They drove to location in a set of wheels that Trevor borrowed, and Trevor and Eitan both ducked out of the car early, dangling Cartier out in the open like a worm on a hook. The location was within the middle of a busy road though and Cartier was unsure of what to do until a nearby Eitan, surveilling the street, spied a middle aged white man in a crummy suit, holding a brief case and looking nervous. He looked CIA.

Cartier approached the man and he appeared to recognize Cartier and thanked him for showing up. Then he introduced himself as Michael Rofston. He told Cartier he was their mysterious employer and he worked for a company, not a government, called Antelier Security.

As they entered the park Cartier tried to ply Michael for info and Michael would only say that the op was blown and the crew had been found out and someone was following him and likely watching them as well. Cartier couldn’t help but feel uneasy, as they made their way through the crowded park, as nearby synagogue goers and school children made their way through the park in the mid morning park. He felt there were eyes on them, and Eitan felt the same way.

Looking Eitan was able to just make out a glint of reflection in a nearby residential tower, before two shots rang out. Up ahead in the park, Cartier found Michael collapsing next to him, a stream of blood coming from holes in his chest. The park turned into chaos as people fled the gunshots. Police patrolling the park on foot nearby were alerted and started looking around the park, guns draw.

Trevor, sensing a quick exit might be needed, procured a high performance motorcycle and cased the park, awaiting his companions. Cartier quickly reached for Michael’s briefcase as he lay on the ground dying, and then grabbed his wallet from his breast pocket. As he went back to look for Michael’s phone, the police spotted Michael’s lifeless body lying on the sidewalk in the park and made a B line for the two of them. Realizing the op and himself were in danger, Cartier fled for the towers the sniper had been in, making for the 2 meter tall wall between him and the complex.

Eitan looked on as Cartier made his way to the wall, glanced up at the window he’d spotted the sniper, and followed suit, not far off behind the pursuing police. Trevor made his way to the alley behind the complex and scooped up an exhausted Cartier, who just barely made his climb-leap-roll over the wall, still clutching the briefcase. The two of them fled by motorcycle, leaving Eitan to do his work alone. How he preferred it.

The park after the shots were fired

Making his way to the wall just as the officers were realizing they had lost Cartier over the wall, Eitan didn’t hesitate as he used one of the officer’s backs as a booster, leaping on and over him and up and over the wall, rolling out of the fall on the other side and directly into a run, making straight for the building entrance.

Inside Eitan took the stairs up 14 flights to the floor he’d seen the sniper. Gasping for air as he ran down the 14th floor’s hallway, he smelled fire. Acrid smoke came from one of the units. Coming up on the unit he thought the sniper had been in he noticed the door was ajar and could see the fire coming from within.

Rushing into the room Eitan wasted no time trying to put out the fire, to save any evidence from the sniper’s nest. After he put out the fire he had the distinct sense that someone was behind him. Dropping his eclectic wooden box of weapons, he opted for his pistol, as he whirled around, and was met with a pistol shot, wounding his shoulder, just missing his body armor.

However Eitan wasn’t phased, his training kicking in. His opponent, a lanky and thin blond man with sunken eyes and a strung out expression, didn’t have the chance to make a second shot before he himself had a whole in his cheek. Shockingly, as Eitan started to lower his weapon, the man only stumbled forward a step, snorted as if to spit out some phlem, then spat out blood, sinew and bone, raising his weapon once more to fire upon Eitan.

snorted as if to spit out some phlem, then spat out blood, sinew and bone

He only had the chance to raise his weapon to waist height before Eitan had put another hole in him, this time in his forehead, which caused his mysterious foe to slump and collapse onto the ground in front of him. Catching his breath and clutching his wounded shoulder, Eitan could hear people coming up the opposing staircase. He quickly searched the mad man’s pockets, finding only a matchbox for a club, the exsanguinator, before he fled down the opposite stairwell.

The briefcase Cartier had grabbed proved to only hold the crew’s dossier, and some info on the Antelier Security, who primarily operated out of Iraq. The dossiers were strange in that they weren’t CIA ones. They were all crafted from public intel on the crew members and nothing that couldn’t be gotten or wasn’t already public knowledge. As if Michael was telling the truth and wasn’t a government man. Which the crew quickly decided meant he most definitely was, and had been mixed up with something very bad. Meeting back at the safehouse, their next target had to be the fishing trawler. But they were in the news again in relation to Michael’s killing, and it was not going to be an easy go…