EP: Asteroid Cowboy Blues: Resource List

This is a list of the various Eclipse Phase and non Eclipse Phase materials I pulled from to help me create my campaign. Note that I have linked the source sites for the resources that are web based.

  1. Eclipse Phase Homepage and Resource List:
    1. Specifically I used the character generation spreadsheet created by user Kindalas and the various user created rule cheat sheets as well. We actually printed out the better ones and use them in every gaming session.
  2. Chuck’s Eclipse Phase Wiki: This is a super helpful player built wiki page that, as far as I can tell, contains all the stats and most all of the lore and background info for the system rules and settings.
  3. The Core Rulebook: This is the actual system rule book and is incredibly helpful, I have a PDF version and bookmark all the relevant pages for my needs.
  4. The Rimward Expansion Book: Rimward is one of the expansion books, and as the name implies, it focuses on the solar system towards the rim, away from the sun. The first part of the book is all about the belt and most of my knowledge and planning of the various factions involved with this campaign are rooted in this book.
  5. The Morph Recognition Guide: This is an awesome visually stunning expansion book that contains every single playable morph in the system (and some that I think are not playable). I mostly used this and the character generation spreadsheet to help me build NPC templates and give my NPC’s more accurate stats without having to write down a ton of information. Between these two resources it is incredibly simple and fast to toss together a 400-700 CP cost NPC.
  6. Knights Black Agents: This is a completely separate TRPG system book, but the setting of this system is in spycraft, and the author was kind enough to invent what he calls a ‘conspyramid’, a leveled conspiracy outline that helps the GM keep all the different threads of a conspiracy at hand, making it less confusing to run a game as the players tug at every thread they can.
  7. The Expanse Series: This is a scifi book series, and its a great read, as of my writing this they are up to five books in the series and I was heavily inspired by this book series to write this campaign. That being said, It is NOT transhuman sci-fi, its more about a small crew of unaltered humans, using mostly today’s level of tech, meandering through the solar system and being at the center of every major event there in. It is written very well and the kicking off event in the first book was my inspiration for how to start my campaign.

I may have leafed through one or two other of the expansion books, but this is where I pulled most of my ideas and knowledge of the EP Universe for this specific campaign. The campaign isn’t X threat heavy so I really didn’t need much beyond Faction information and game mechanics I hadn’t used before or in several years.

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