Upcoming Game

I have been working on a game idea for the past couple weeks. I wanted to run a game in the four corners area of the US, and used that as the starting point for a Call of Cthulhu game. As of now I can say it involves archaeology, the cliff dwelling Anasazi, and a few Cthulhu mythos elements. I am going to finish writing it up and then I will share it to this section of my blog. I’m hoping that it becomes a larger campaign, rather than a one and done one-shot style game. I will likely also not post it until I’ve play tested it for at least one group. The group size I’m shooting for now is about 4 players, and player driven narrative and unique characters will be central aspects to the game. I don’t want to railroad my players into anything, and I’ve found pregen characters are not at all interesting for most players to uses, and as a result they don’t seem to be too attached to them.

Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully I’ll have the campaign up, along with flavor text and any documents I make for it very soon, so check back often!