Where have I been?

Where have I been? That’s the question. I have hardly posted anything to my blog in the last year+. I would be lying if I said I couldn’t have made time to do so. But I didn’t and haven’t. Generally I have been busy with work and fatherhood, which has taken up the majority of my time. I have also been expanding my knowledge base and skills, focusing on web development. I have this dream of migrating this whole blog to my own VPS that I have created my own content management system on, and running it that way, and I hope I can do so. I have a hard deadline for this next April, as that is when my current hosting will run out and I would really like to change, given the pricing is a bit more than I want it to be (and I want to start adding my own subdomains with new features/tools, and probably a portfolio of my work.).

Aside from all of this, I have been experiencing many other changes as well, specifically regarding what I want for the future, my son, my family, and myself. My time in China has definitely had an impact on me and I think more and more frequently of returning to Colorado, and settling down there. Unfortunately I am not really certain of the best way to go about this, nor do I even have a timeline to do so. What I do have is ambition and a general drive to continue to develop my abilities, and hopefully, after a couple more years of hard work, establish myself as a professional capable of relocation easily.

I should also say I don’t write as much as I used to. I am not certain where the blame lies with this. I think if Im being honest I never wrote too terribly often to begin with, and fatherhood and my current career have made it easier to simply ignore this aspect of myself and not write at all. I do desire to change this, hence my posting write now! But as for the future, it will take a lot more than a lengthy blog post to get me back into the habit of expressing myself through my writing again.

I also have decided I want to try to work more on transhumanism. I spend a great deal of time discussing transhumanism with a few intimate friends, but every time I venture into online communities, especially reddit, I find there are a lot of very superficial views of what the community is and what the movement is about. I wish to clarify my views, and also expand on my discussion of things like IP law, which I still have strong opinions about. Hopefully I can articulate my ideas more this winter, as I will have a decent sized break to work on my own writing, and I would really like to put down my ideas and views on the subject.

This brings me to my next goal, related to H+, but still somewhat distinct. I want to start submitting work for publication, both fictional and non fictional. After a few drinks with a close friend recently (a very blunt friend I might add), my attention was drawn to the fact that although I have written a great deal over the years, aside from this blog, nothing of mine has been submitted for publication, and subsequently published. Anywhere. That was a bit of an awakening for me. I suppose I never really considered it until this person pointed this out to me. I think I have always believed that my ideas matter to me, and that this was enough. But this is less the case than ever before, having a son has changed that. Instead I find myself wanting to contribute my ideas, knowledge, and skills to society, and hopefully having some kind of impact on the minds of others.

I think these goals are somewhat lofty and I hope I don’t sound as pretentious as I felt writing them, especially how I feel about publishing my ideas. I do however believe in the things I say, and would like to say them a bit louder and clearer for others to see.

For now I suppose this is enough of a post, its at least rekindled my interest in my blog, and I enjoyed writing this.

For the future, keep yours eyes open for changes, such as a completely new site, possibly new parts of the site, and hopefully quite a few more posts! For now, thanks for reading this and don’t forget to look up every now and then.