8: The weight of our fathers sins

Faster and faster she went, the terrain blurring around her. Almost feral she could see her goal, the blue light emitting ever so lightly at the far end of this death valley. No more could she see the peaks of the mountains that swallowed this valley in every direction but one, the direction where she was going. Now the scenery had become more linear. On her left and right lay black towering mountains that seemed to have no end in sight, up or forward. Behind her lay a black wall towering into the heavens. She was boxed in. Directly in front of her she could see the valley growing in definition. The smooth grey surface was now littered with rocks and boulders. Farther than at the peak of her enlightened climb lay her blue light, her answers. The vivid red sky began to play through a cosmic melody of lights, ranging the full spectrum all at once and not at all as she emerged on the great plain of the valley.

Finally as she reached the bottom to wait for her comrade did the sky settle on a majestic and blurred white and blue sky. The wind fell silent once more. Reaching for the ground she closed her eyes once more, perhaps to find peace? Standing high above her in cold and foggy twilight of pre-dawn stood her father as an old brown car sped away from her house. She was perched on the edge of the curve in a heap at her fathers feet sobbing. He stood there saying nothing for all eons of existence then simply spoke “Its time to come inside. Go to bed” taking his own advice and heading inside. Turning to look at him she screamed with emotions she had never felt towards her father so strongly before, “I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! We were fine! He wasn’t going to do anything. I had it under control! You’ve ruined what little life I had!”. She could still feel the stinging on her arms where she had been pinned to a car seat by a young man. On her breath she could still smell the alcohol. Some part of her would hold a grudge against her father for the remainder of her life.

The gravel bed of the valley made a distinct rustling sound as Heresy approached her from down the mountain. Dropping to a squat he leaned towards her and stared smirking. It was silent she realized, but not silent as it had always been when there was no divining wind. This time there was an eerie feel floating in the air. Glancing at Heresy it was obvious he had noticed this as well. Looking around in all directions for some explanation for this tangible mood she found only mountains and an endless lake of grey earth. Not to give up she continued to scan her surroundings looking first at the infinite walls around her, then at the blue light barely visible from the valley floor far far off in the distance and then closer to her, the baron landscape that lay between her and her goal. At first there was nothing to be seen, only boulders and gravel. That was until reality ignored her rules again and one of the boulders in the distance began moving from left to right. To far for any visible feature to be seen, there lay only a small black insect crawling to oblivion. Whatever it was, it had caught both her and Heresy’s undivided consciousness’.