Session 1: the interview

A wealthy philanthropist is hosting a charity gala at the Aquatic Museum of Monaco. The event is by invite only and will have some of the wealthiest Europe and the Western world has to offer present. The entire museum is on loan to the NGO this mysterious philanthropist owns, thanks to a very generous donation and reassurances (and insurance policies) that nothing important will be damaged.

Unfortunately for our do gooder billionaire, a credible threat to his life has been identified and board of directors for his NGO (and indeed many of his enterprises), as well as his personal assistant fear for his life during the event. Being the ultra wealthy, the solution could not possibly be to do the obvious and postpone the event or hire a large faceless security squad. No, instead the assistant has hand picked a crew of talented free lancers to actively pursue any would be attackers during the event.

Among the roster of this crew are:

Gustav Renault: a talented former Europol agent that despises guns and has a knack for engineered deconstruction. His abilities and background allow him to assess any place for possible points of entry/exit as well as weak points and choke points.

Riordan O’Conchobhar: A former IRA foot soldier, he his a trained killer. His years of ops and mysterious past have made him into a well oiled killing machine, he shoots better and runs faster than most agents in their 20’s, in his late 40’s.

Glenn Johnson: Not all agents talent comes from how well they can break things, sometimes a gentle touch is needed. This is where Glenn comes in. A former CIA operative with a largely uneventful company life, his post retirement has seen more action than most agents did during the cold war. Grizzled and with little other purpose to go on living, Glenn now throws himself into whatever work he is given, rounding out any crew as an outstanding handler and faceman (no one suspects the old guy in a Hawaiian shirt)

Code Name: Eyevan: Not everything you hear about Russian hackers is true, but in this case it is. Eyevan, as he likes to be called, has been phone freaking and hacking since the heady days of phone based modems. A digital force to be reckoned with, Eyevan is also handy with electronics and will likely always see you when you never see him.

Having been vetted by several security analysts, on behalf of the assistant (who is also head of security for the NGO), each member of the crew is approved and given the briefing on the event, including the highly limited scope they are to operate under:

  • Discretion is key – even if the security detail uncovers a would be assassin, they are to handle it quietly, as quietly as possible! The event cannot be interrupted (they are paying very well!)
  • There is a security service & police presence – The Monacan police are involved only to the extent of the door, and are handling pat downs and security screenings for entering the event, beyond them all obvious security is being handled by the NGO’s security staff (rent a cops). The security have been informed of the covert crew, though not their mission, however the police are fully unaware and are not expecting covert security (and beyond entering the building, wouldn’t know).
  • The philanthropist will be giving a speech -The speech is the most likely time for an assassination attempt, as the threat had made it clear it was meant to be public!

Begin Op:

One by one each member of the covert security crew roll up to the event the night of, each with their own cover, provided by the assistant. The Irishman is almost made at the police check point, as he failed to conceal his side arm properly and had to convince the police he was part of the NGO’s security detail (which may or may not have involved a hundred euro note).

Glenn was accompanied by the assistant herself, insisting on keeping an eye on him (he seemed the type to mayhaps harass a guest or two). The two of them made their way into the museum, and the assistant immediately began micromanaging the help and preparation (while still trying to mingle with Glenn).

The other two members entered without incident, and Eyevan made his way directly to the security depot, setting up shop in front of the camera monitors, immediately applying his unique skill set to track down and review the entrance of all staff of the event, cross referencing this footage with the backgrounds provided by the Irishman’s research on these hires.

Meanwhile Gustav mingled throughout the event, assessing the architecture of the place and tagging several locations that corresponded with blind spots on the cameras, that would make for good sniping positions. He was also solicited by a Nordic royal couple for some after hours fun.

After making his way to the main room, where the stage was, Glenn began investigating the band, as Eyevan had discovered that they were not properly frisked when entering the building, and their instrument cases not inspected. After seeing 7 of the 10 musicians setting up near the stage, he made his way to a nearby closet the musicians appeared to be tuning instruments in, only to find two female musicians changing outfits for the performance. The assistant, seeing this broke into a fit of rage and ran into the room to berate them, shutting the door on Glenn’s face. This wasn’t before Glenn glimpsed an empty instrument case, that didn’t look like it was designed to house an instrument, as well as only 9 of the 10 band members accounted for.

Riordan made his way to the balcony overlooking the stage, to stake out a blind spot that seemed like a likely place to find a would be killer. While there he happened to hear the faint clang of sheet metal deforming, coming from the vent above his head. Informing the rest of the crew of this over the radio, Eyevan by this time had tracked down the tenth band member, who hadn’t come out of the mens room in almost half an hour. Gustav identified this as a likely entrance to the ventilation system he’d reviewed before the op, and Riordan made a brisk move for the restroom, tearing the grate off of the vent and diving in (much to the confusion of two middle aged gentlemen enjoying a bathroom cigar).

Once inside the vents Riordan was almost blind and Gustav gave him instructions over the radio. Rounding the last corner to where the vent would exit (and where he’d heard the sound come from earlier), Riordan slowed up and peered around the corner, seeing the silhouette of a man laying prone staring out the vent, his feet facing Riordan. off one side of the man’s shoulder the glint of a metal barrel could be seen.

Acting swiftly Riordan carefully placed his own piece between the sniper’s legs, pressing the metal against his crotch, and making himself known. The assassin complied with Riordan’s commands at first, sliding his custom rifle back to Riordan. But then he grabbed something small from his vest pocket and tried to jam it into his mouth. Acting fast Riordan pried the suicide pill from his hand and immobilized him with zip ties he had prepared for just such an occasion.

The assassin in hand, the crew collectively breathed a sigh of relief, as the wealthy philanthropist finally went on stage to give his speech. Glenn and Gustar, still mingling in the crowd were able to get a great view as he began giving his speech.

The assistant, approached the stage to get a better view, leaving Glenn’s side. As the applause calmed down, she produced a small fire arm and unceremoniously shot her boss in the chest, as the crew looked on in shock.

As the gala devolved into chaos, the assistant was tackled to the ground by one of the crew and the weapon wrestled away from her.

Then the assassinated philanthropist stood back up, wiped the red paint off his vest and called out “that’s a wrap!”. As flood lights went up on the mock museum. All the actors broke for a smoke break and the assistant, regaining her composure from shooting a double of her boss, dismissed the group with a ‘we’ll be in touch’. The mock museum housed in a small warehouse at the edge of a small town in Southern France.

The newly formed crew was compensated for their audition but left unsure weather they got the job or if they’d mucked up too bad.