session 8: Because we said so

Elliott decided it best to dive right in and started going over intel and the situation with Glenn and Gustav as quickly as possible, letting them catch him up, and not feigning to care if they left out any details he might otherwise want to know.

After some discussion it was decided that moves needed to be made, ASAP, and that one of them needed to be towards Nazim’s office, which still hadn’t been swept, a fact that bothered Elliott to the extent he volunteered to take the op on. Gustav volunteered to accompany him. Meanwhile Glenn and Riordan thought in their best interest to scope out Casa de Sangre, taking it in loosely, gathering intel, and enjoying themselves a bit as well.

Back at the office building, Gustav and Elliott decided to dawn the attire of the cleaning service that did the overnight cleaning for the office, complete with forged nametags that Elliott was certain would hold up to almost any scrutiny.

Wheeling in their cleaning materials, they were stopped by a suspicious guard that was reluctant to buy their excuse for coming in early that evening, until they persuaded him this was the way it was meant to be, and eventually he had them sign in the log, and waved them through security.

Through security the duo quickly made their way up to Oasis Financial’s floor, and proceeded to pick the lock to the small office. Noticing a light on as they walked in, they took pause, as Elliott caught a glimpse of shoe moving behind the corner, and the light glow of a television.

Sneaking up to the corner and peering around, the pair identified a burly looking man sprawled out between two chairs, sleeping in front of a small portable television. His holstered firearm just barely visible.

Elliott, ignoring Gustav’s silent objections, decided his best option was to try to sneak over the sleeping sentry, and go directly into Nazim’s office. This however proved to be a poor choice, as the armed man awoke to Elliott lumbering above him, made a kick at Elliott’s groin, only to slip out of his chair, and then be smacked as Elliott attempted to take control of the situation.

Thinking quickly, Elliott grabbed for his own piece, and drew it on the confused guard, demanding he stand still, gesturing Gustav to take the guard’s weapon from its holster. The guard complied, and after they had taken his firearm, and were both pointing guns at him, a noticeable change to his body language was perceptible. He was preparing to make his move.

Elliott, deciding this wouldn’t be stood for, shot the disarmed man point blank, a bullet passing through his cheek, then after seeing the guard hadn’t gone down, put another round directly into the man’s forehead. Effectively ending the situation, as the corpse fell to the ground, its freshly spilled blood seeping into the carpet.

Within moments, a shocked Gustav and calm Elliott passed the corpse, entering Nazim’s office at last. Inside they poked at every corner and crevice, looking for any intel. Eventually they discoverd a false panel on the side of Nazim’s desk, and inside they found a phone and a stack of large bills. This looked like some kind of emergency fund.

Elliott pocketed the sim card for the phone, as well as the cash, replaced the panel, then Gustav and him proceeded to tear apart the office, making it look like they had been a lot more like a frantic break in than how they had come in.

The pair also decided to put their own device, complete with video and audio, into the light above Nazim’s desk, hidden very well in the light’s decorative fixture, alloying them to survey the office remotely at any time.

Lastly Gustav wrote a crude note, to the gist of: ” “

Then they smashed up the secretary’s laptop, stole the hard drive, and made it look like it had just been smashed up, hoping no one would notice the missing drive.

The deed done, the pair decided the best option for the dead man was to just leave him in the hallway untouched, and make their getaway into the night.

Back at the hideout, Glenn and Riordan arrived a little drunker than expected, Glenn seemed upset at Riordan, and Riordan seemed to have lip stick on his collar. The pair said they didn’t get any good intel, the club was too packed and Ferhat was not present that night to boot. So they embraced the night and got a feel for the club. Or so they said.

Just gotta dance

Cracking some eggs

To work on the drive in the quiet sanctity of their hide out, Elliott made short work of the secretary’s computer, and found a few key pieces of intel that may prove helpful at some point, with a bit more of the gaps filled in:

  • The secretary had logs for every meeting Oasis Financial had scheduled, it appeared, going back almost a decade
  • A contact list for every person that met with Nazim
  • A memo about what each meeting was in regard to.

The crew was already able to recognize a few names from the list of visitors, one of which being the late driver, as well as identifying some very interesting meetings, specifically one a few months before the opening of Casa de Sangre that appeared to involve Ferhat and a contractor about modifications to the club. As well as seeing a repeat offender to Nazim’s office, an accountant that went by the name