September 18, 2015

BioSol updates and more:

I haven’t posted anything recently and If I’m being honest its only because I’ve been a little lazy. I had hoped to make the BioSol story a weekly blog post I would crank out. Then once it was done, compile it into a single document and submit it for editing and publish it (that’s the dream right?).

I also have thought a lot more about what I want this site to be. For now I really just want it to be a place where I can put my ideas down, that other people have access to. Especially with RPG materials. I have a Cthulu scenario I need to finish writing up and then I promise I’ll be placing that on the site as well. I really enjoy creating one shot scenarios and sharing them online. So make sure to check the RPG section of the site semi-regularly, as I start adding more to it.

BioSol has been my pet project for about two years and I’ve spent a lot of time re evaluating how I want to tell the story, after having a local writing group look it over in 2013. The group helped me realize I had an idea, but not a full story. And trust me, there is a difference. Now I’d like to believe that I have an idea and most of a story. The issue now is writing it down and sharing it.

Also I have a lot of things I’ve written over the years and never really shared with anyone. I’m thinking about adding a section of the site that would be kind of an archive for my writings, it wouldn’t be somewhere I’d continuously update, but rather once I’ve uploaded the back log of things I’ve created, it would be a static place people could go to look at my previous ideas. Though most of it is pretty raw (I may update/edit some of it! We’ll see). The idea being to finally start sharing what I write, as I’ve always kept most of my work to myself (not so sure why, maybe just laziness and wariness of criticism?).

Lastly, I’m thinking about starting a Chinese language section, where I would write my musings, mostly, in Chinese. These would likely be full of grammatical errors, at least at first, while I continue to develop my ‘voice’ in Chinese. But now that I can really read the language, I’d like to take it to the next level and start generating my own ideas in Chinese as well.

For now most of these things are short term and medium term goals, but expect that the site will continue to change and grow. I think the layout and theme of the site won’t change much, I like the word press 2014 theme and I like how it looks on a mobile device. Most importantly, I like how easy it makes putting up posts!

So if you find yourself reading this blog, thanks for coming to my site and reading the sparse writings I have to entertain you with!