My Thoughts on Transhumanism 3

Please note that this is a continuation in a series of posts being released every Monday, so if you haven’t yet, I highly recommend you go back and read part 1, and then part 2. Increasingly, the path to development for these poorer countries seems to follow a pretty set path, complete with a corporate […]

My Thoughts On Transhumanism 2

NOTE that this is a continuation of my post found here, so if you haven’t read, I highly recommend going back and reading the first part of this essay. I first looked at international law, and the various laws that govern international trade. Then I began to look at how those laws evolved and for […]

My Thoughts on Transhumanism 1

So this was initially going to be only one entry, than I realized I had a lot more to say on the subject, so I’m going to break it into a series of posts, coming out every monday. So please check back every week for the continuation of my meandering thoughts on the future! I […]


For four years Jennifer had been a researcher for the tech/biotech conglomerate BioSol, and today she felt the weight of those years more than ever, as she keyed the final strokes to submit her paper for publication. Her office inappropriately quiet during this occasion, only the muffled sounds of party music and chatter from outside, […]

Jesk Reader

“Accelerant. That’s all it was man. An accelerant.   Welcome to my world.” Jesk on the theory of Moore’s Law. Seventeen years ago the greatest hacker that was ever born came into this world. His name? Good luck finding that out. That was the first thing I erased from the cloud. I was eight years old […]