Just Another Update…

So I haven’t done a blog update in a while and wanted to drop a line for anyone interested in what I’ve been up to.

I went ahead and wrote a super long musing on Transhumanism and basically how I see the future, and had to break it into a series, releasing it every monday, mostly to avoid people skipping the read because its just so long!
I have been pondering on improvements to the Call of Cthulu scenario I wrote, as well as trying to streamline the explanation so it is more approachable to new game runners. So look forward to a quality scenario walk through when its done (and please be patient before it is : )).
I have been tied up with school recently as well, mostly tied up with doing research into Marine Protected Areas. I’ll tell you this much for now, NAMPAN is a great thing, and hopefully it has a positive influence on environmental cooperation across inernational borders around the world!
Beyond that, I had a setback with the next installment of the BioSol series (Thanks a lot Windows 10!), so for now I haven’t updated the story, but I plan too and have some really interesting ideas I wanna throw around in the story.
In other news, I am thinking about hooking up facebook comments or some kind of comment system (possibly G+?) so I can get feedback again. I disabled the wordpress built in comment system specifically because it seems silly to me for people to register to comment on my personal website, not to mention I really don’t need to be responsible for the data security for everyone that visits my site!
I may also have a link one day soon to another site, this one being a gaming site for Chengdu Gamers. So don’t be surprised if that happnes (though at that point hoepfully I won’t be the only one working on that site!).
Finally, I am pondering the idea of throwing out a photo gallery here. I realize that my site has very little in terms of visual aids, and is pretty dense when you get down to it! So I’m thinking about tossing out some of the photos I’ve accumulated over the years, photos that I took (and own the rights to therefore).
So in conclusion, I am really glad I created my own blog, even though I really dragged my feet there in the beginning. And I hope to create a site where I can share my ideas and creations with the world.