EP: Asteroid Cowboy Blues: Start Mission Log

Note that this is an ongoing campaign and that before starting the mission logs, its advisable to first read through the overview and introduction to get a feel for the campaign.

The first session started with the party on board of the dump, frantically trying to use what little mesh access they had left to check on who their new captain, Emerald Levas was, as well as securing last minute arrangements for business enterprises (mostly that was the Ultimate Hacker AGI, who apparently has a micro corp mining one of the gas giants for hydrogen).

Then after they party and the dump leave Extropia’s local mesh range, we went deep time. The scum warrioress named Erinyes Tephpousia, or Erin for short, wandered around the ship vaguely staring at things in a misguided attempt to discern if their were mounted weapons on the outside of the ship. The groups belter Techie, Welst, spent time with Levas trying to get a feel for him and his vessel. Meanwhile the Mad monk, aka Vol, mostly slept (he is in a hibernoid) and read his book (at some point I’ll have to explain what I have gleamed from the Mad Monks religion, though I haven’t asked too many questions, because it slightly terrifies me.). The quasi gangster, Le Roy, also tried to get to know Levas, but his oversized bruiser morph proved to be a bit too imposing in the small cockpit with Welst and Levas inside. And the Pakistani Intelligence Agency born AGI mostly kept to himself and attempted not to understand human interactions with a gusto that is rarely seen amongst artificial entities.

After about three and a half weeks, the crew was ready to arrive at the asteroid family and stake their claim and move on from what appears to be the most bleak and boring job a jacked up transhuman could do (not to mention Erin may or may not have started contemplating engaging Levas in armed combat, just to get a bead on his skill set). And around this time they were on their final approach and had begun decelerating as the small asteroid family came into view.

Known info about the asteroid family in question:

The asteroid family that the party is going to be staking out was initially discovered by the Fa Jing hypercorporation and although no known transhumans have been to the area, they have been focusing their telescopes on it for several weeks. The asteroid belt itself seems to mostly fit into what