Session 4: Lonely Voodoo Tussle

Please refer to the resource list, overviewintro, Session 1, Session 2, and Session 3 for more info. Note that this is the Fourth session.

The uneasiness of knowing that the Nine Lives assassins might still be coming and had become undetectable put the whole crew of the Dump on Edge. They decided to turn their small asteroid into a panopticon and placed closed circuit micro cameras everywhere, with the Techie fulfilling one of his dreams by forking into the base’s mainframe to take control of security and comms (for now). The rest of the crew prepared in their own ways, mostly fabbing weapons.

After several more days of waiting something finally happened. There was a proximity warning from the base’s new sensor suite as several small chemical rockets blasted hot in the direction of the asteroid for a short time, too close for the cannons to target. Then a few minutes later there were several massive impacts with the small asteroid, shaking the hab. After the dust from the pulverized surface drifted off, four impact craters were revealed. Inside the slowly settling dust and debris clouds, metallic spheres could be seen, breaking out of some kind of impact armor that had been mostly pulverized on impact. All the spheres appeared to be equipped with thrusters as they thrusted out of their craters, which now pocked the south side of the asteroid.

The crew opted for individual tactics, rather than planning as a group and the Techie made his way outside, determined to try out his shredder. The AI Hacker made for the airlock in the docking bay, just behind the Techie, and they were both followed immediately after by the Mad Monk. The Scummer Warrioress had been in deep contemplation when the impacts occurred (possibly drug induced) and did not immediately rouse from her trance when the alarms starting going off and the rest of the crew started mobilized. Instead she remained in the barracks in a lotus position. The Kingpin/assassin decided the most logical thing to do would be to barricade himself in the science lab, far from the airlocks.

As would be expected, nothing went as would be expected. The Mad monk, mustering up all of his mad courage, charged past both the AI Hacker and the Techie, making his way outside, where he unloaded his auto rifle into one of the spheres. It responded by shooting in his general direction and missing every shot.

While the Mad Monk and the Techie were engaged in gunfu with the sphere, the AI Hacker held back, as the Techie fork (now called Ship), informed him that one of the spheres had breached the mining airlock and was coming in, and it appeared that another was attempting to cut its way into the recreation hall, and the final sphere was making his way for one of the hallways between the science lab and the mining facility. After cursing the universe about their assailants ability to hack the airlock so swiftly, the Hacker decided he needed to do something, and leaned his primary module out the airlock and took a potshot at the sphere the Techie and the Mad Monk were shooting at.

The Kingpin/assassin continued to hold his position, although be it less confidently, but was reassured it was the right choice when there was a large explosion just outside the science lab, in the hallway where one of the spheres had been going. This bolstered his confidence and he lept through the airlock, into hard vacuum and immediately started unloading his shredder into the sphere that was making its way inside.

The sphere that was making its way inside of the rec room appeared to be having trouble getting through the habitat surface, and briefly caught itself on fire when its torch cut through to the atmosphere inside which sprayed out of the hole.

The Mad Monk continued to unload into the sphere, even after it was obvious to the Techie and the AI Hacker that the sphere had stopped functioning. Meanwhile the The Kingpin/assassin had finished his sphere off in a blaze of surprisingly well placed shots, and made an immediate B line for the sphere that the Mad Monk was still shooting, failing to notice the many holes that riddled its surface. Then, while the techie made his way over the roof of the hab towards the sphere cutting a whole in the side, the Kingpin/assassin whipped out his cybernetic claws and tore the broken sphere in two, to the surprise of the Mad Monk, who was reloading and preparing for another volley.

The Hacker AI then made his way to the mining sphere, confronted the sphere that hacked his way in, and made short work of it through a combination of aiming and utilizing the fully automatic function on his automatic rifle.

Then, with out any clear cause, the Scummer Warrioress snapped out of her trance, logged into tac-net, saw the chaos, and frantically made her way to the now spaced recreation room, where she continued to wait patiently for the sphere to break through the wall, her flame thrower at the ready. Unfortunately she only had the chance to take one shot with her flamethrower, as the sphere was especially incompetent with a cutting torch and the Techie showed up and made short work of the sphere from above the hab.

After the commotion ended, the crew had decided a few things, 1) Their old boss was an asshole, 2) They needed to practice for combat more, and 3) They needed to find some damn answers and 4) Get the hell off this rock.