Session 3: In Loa we trust

Please refer to the resource list, overviewintro, Session 1, and Session 2 for more info. Note that this is the Third session.

The outcast prospectors took the information of an incoming 9 lives shuttle from Legba as one might expect. They immediately jumped to conclusions, deciding that it was very likely that Levas had somehow revived his ties with 9 lives and now had sent the ruthless cartel after this ragtag bunch of misfits.

So the belter techie came to the realization that the party was sitting on a giant hunk of ammunition and decided to design himself a kinetic energy cannon, and then fab a few with the industrial sized fabber, piece by piece. In all the party crafted 3 cannons, able to hurtle chunks of rock at blazingly high speeds.

It was shortly after they constructed the cannons that the group came to the realization that none of them had any direct experience with firing heavy weapons on the scale of hitting a target several meters across millions of kilometres away. This problem was put on hold though, as the party started to receive a transmission from the ship accelerating towards them.

But the transmission wasn’t a comms request, not initially, instead, old earth traditional Creole and Haitian voodoo music was being broadcast continuously from the ship. The Ultimate hacker took an immediate liking to the music and started listening to the feed continuously as the ship loomed ever closer.

When the ship had an eta of about 5 days, the eerie musical broadcast was finally broken and a male’s voice came over the radio. He identified himself as Carrefour, the leader of Kaifu, the elite hit squad of 9 lives.

He danced around any meaningful answers when the party asked him questions, he taunted them playfully as they continued prepping for his arrival, but his intention was clear none the less, he had come to clean house and that was that. The whole thing had a feeling of a game, his bizarre accent, his chuckling responses, and esoteric references.

When the party had decided that they’d had enough of Carrefour and Kaifu’s brigade, they started discussing the problem of who would man the mass accelerator canons. The obvious choice was the Scum Warrioress, but she unfortunately lacked the skills necessary to take a better shot than anyone else in the party.

In the end, the mad monk came to rescue, during one of his fits of madness, he came to the realization that shooting a bowling ball sized piece of mass at a significant percentage of the speed of light was in itself not far off from bowling, which was a specialty of his. And after some coaching from his comrades, he was able to confidently take some carefully aimed shots at the vessel still millions of kilometres away.

It was several hours before the chunks of asteroid collided with the voodoo vessel, but shortly before impact the ship started acting strangley. Its heat signature seemed to break up into several smaller heat signatures and those then went cold shortly there after. The improvised missiles still collided with the bulk of the ship, but now the crew had a new problem, they could no longer track the smaller pieces that had broken off, as they had gone cold enough that their sensors could no longer accurately pick them up.

After the crew spent a bit of time debating the ability of ships to dissipate heat in space, they came to the conclusion that their lonely little asteroid was going to be invaded, again. This time by an unknown number of assailants, all of which were hardened killers with a bone to pick with the crew of the dump.

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