Since last we spoke

Its been far too long since last we spoke. Since last we sat across from each other, looked each other in the eye, and exchanged ideas and about something we both cared about. It never once dawned on me that my interest in things would gladly change to any interest you may possess, for even the briefest of moments. Throughout my life there have been moments where I found myself weekend, engrossed in my sorrows, my fears, and my deepest darkest depression. But the moment I first laid my eyes upon you, your intelligent eyes staring past mine, past this world, to what great things, I dare not imagine, I knew something I had always known but never realized, you will always make me proud.

Some men say pride is something to be afraid of, to avoid, on the path to being a righteous man. I would say that pride, when in its truest form, is a true expression of love and admiration. I have watched you grow, not only your body, but your mind as well. There are times I fear that one day you will become so smart I will be left behind, unable to comprehend. But this is a vein worry, one that arises purely for selfish reasons. You are already so much more than me, and my pride in you is beyond measure.