Dom Traun

                The phone was ringing. It hadn’t rung in weeks. No one called Dom anymore. His head was groggy as he stumbled out of bed to his living room, where he quickly touched the giant mute icon on his wall display, stopping the obnoxious sound.                 Dom rubbed his head as he squinted at the […]

Top of the S-Curve

This short essay is going to be entirely focused on the end of Moore’s law and Ray Kurzweil and his S-curves. As of my writing this in 2019, its become very clear that computer circuits are bottoming out, or topping out, depending on how you want to phrase it. What I mean is that the […]


“Attention Commander Seepgood, do you read? We’ve been receiving your broadcast for the last several minutes, why have you hailed us? Over” Was the reply that came over the radio. “No! Sorry! Can’t read you! You’re f-din- ou-” Screamed the commander, digging through his wardrobe. “Please repeat Commander. Over” “cut transmission!” Yell whispered the commander, […]

Since last we spoke

Its been far too long since last we spoke. Since last we sat across from each other, looked each other in the eye, and exchanged ideas and about something we both cared about. It never once dawned on me that my interest in things would gladly change to any interest you may possess, for even […]

1: Wake up

Darkness overwhelms her, swirling in all directions swallowing her being. Memories blur from the back of her mind to infinity. She can almost reach out and touch his hair again. Lingering in the air is the pungent breath of blood. Silence has overtaken the darkness isolating all of her senses. Is this hell? She reaches […]