3: The Emerging Realization

The calm echo of water flowing all around soothed her soul, following a man to the depths of the abyss after just meeting him. Thoughts floated above her making a slide show to fast to watch. A glimpse brings her back to the day she met him; An orange leaf had fallen on her shoulder in the shower of autumn, catching her glance to her right where a young man was pretending to read a very thick book. She could almost see his smile. Feel his breath on her neck again.

“It’s not easy is it?” Asked Heresy, pulling her deep from her own depths to those he had brought her to, “When it all comes crashing back in. I suppose it’s much like a puzzle, though I’m not even sure if it all makes sense in the end.” Heresy’s voice and barely visible silhouette was all that carried her through this lake and what he was saying made her wonder. Was he lost here too?

“I studied most of my life. Perhaps I thought with enough knowledge I could overcome anything. But I guess one day I dropped- I mean I gave it up to follow my dreams and live life to it’s fullest.” he explained sighing “I was in love once, She was my world. She was mysterious, beautiful, wise, and every time I looked at her I forgot everything I thought I knew about the world.” pausing for a moment, “Regrets. Those are what bind us to this place. Well, at least that’s what I think.” he finally finished.

She could almost swear she heard a tear roll down his cheek. This place was epic. Is this the last resting place for those who forgot how to love? Staring on past Heresy as they slowly made their way past the decline and the lake bottom plateau she could see the occasional fish swimming passed. What kind of thoughts go through a fish’s head when people walk by? A memory drifted by her. “Salmon is not the oceans chicken, tuna is!” She could almost remember the pointless yet meaningful argument she had with him over salmon vs. tuna. Almost say whatever she had said to make him laugh so hard he cried. Will it always be like this? Little pieces of the picture coming and going?

After walking a distance they stopped to rest. Heresy first not saying a word. She walked right past him and out of their bubble straight into the lake and fell back into his arms soaked to her bones. She was infuriated.

“That really was to perfect” Laughed heresy bringing her back to her feet and brushing off the water as best he could, “Don’t be mad, I just… It’s been a while since I’ve had someone real to talk to. I guess maybe I’m a little rusty in the social skills area.”

She ignored what he said at first. But thinking about it calmed down and smiled a smile that can only be smiled in the darkness of the bottom of a lake with no mouth. A tune vibrated from the water into her. Dancing to some generic rock song was an older man who kept looking up and smiling, beckoning her to join him. His hair was graying with broad shoulders and a narrow body. She could hear a women talking in the next room, laughing at the man “What on earth are you two doing out there? It’s just about time for dinner.”. Was that her father dancing and her mother laughing at him? It felt right but was any of it real?

Drawn back into this realm by the rustling of shadows, Heresy had started walking again. Looking back she could see almost nothing, but smelled earth briefly. The blind one? Was he with her even now? What was his purpose? Was he the same being to appear for Heresy or was there another? Questions swelled up to fill their tomb yet her only companion heard nothing. Is this hell? Focusing on walking again she realized she was no longer following Heresy but walking beside him. She almost thought about holding his hand. Why?