4: Circumstantial remembrance

She could hear music again, it was something calming and relaxing. It brought her back to the afternoon. A green field on the edge of a large city, under an oak tree for shade and the radio on. The blanket was itchy on her back and the egg salad tasted funny but she was happy. The sun was looming just above the horizon setting behind the tallest of skyscrapers cascading violets and orange shades that set the sky on fire. She was glad she gave him a chance.

Walking on past fond memories the terrain began to change below their feet, sloping slightly upwards more and more the further they walked. Soon there was more light. More and more. Until they had almost emerged on the surface as a water phoenix. It was then that the now visible Heresy stopped alive in his tracks.

“Before we leave the lake, I think you need to know something. I am not your friend, your protector, your lover- I am nothing to you. Our guides have seen it fit for our paths to cross in the infinity but beyond that you need to know that whatever happens to you or me- Well, there’s nothing the other can do about it. It’s not likeā€¦ Life.” Heresy proclaimed solemnly picking back up his pace and emerging them back into the world.

The cliffs that seemed so far off in the distance were now taller than any skyscraper she had ever seen. Jagged and sharp rocks jutted out in every direction. All as dark as her clothes. The light was different here too. It was almost as if a sun was peaking just over the top of these ominous cliffs making them seem forever in their own shadow. It was colder here, much colder. The smell of sand and dirt was replaced by soot and charcoal odor. There didn’t appear to be any easy way up either. Looking to the left and to the right it was as if the mountain range was infinite, running past the horizon both ways like a set of mirrors positioned just right. It was clear that there was no turning back now.

“Now we wait.” Explained Heresy, “I have taken only a few journeys through this world, but until the wind shifts any move we try and make will lead us here and now again and again.”. She realized what he had meant by this when she thought of there being no way to these cliffs from the desert and the wind shifting as she arrived at the lake; as though there was a force controlling this entire physical realm and they were completely at it’s mercy.

Time went and came for as long the wind still blew over her right shoulder. She thought of sleeping but had yet to be tired. After dwelling on it she tried to, it worked.

Dreams lead her down a path in a maze of stone walls. No matter which direction she went down there was another turn and another. Unlike dreams of life these were real but bland. She felt lost and dreamt of her once was. Every nerve in her body was screaming along with her as she stumbled to her knees in tears. Both her elbows were scraped and bleeding and the taste of blood was in her mouth. A bicycle laid in a heap beside her as a very concerned women ran up to her and picked up the torn up heap of child. “You were doing so well! It’s ok, stop crying your ok, your ok!”.

Waking she could feel a cold chill go up her spine through her arms to where she had skinned her elbows. Pulling up her black sleeve she could see the scars just barely contorting her arm every which way. Feeling eyes upon her she realized that Heresy was watching her with great concern. Seeming almost contradictory to the speech he had made. The wind was acting up again, shifting from over her right shoulder to right into her face blowing her dark hair back. It was still cold.