2: Acquiring an explanation

“It’s your path…” Is the explanation the stranger stated, leaning over to take a sip of water to only have the water part away from him. “We all have a path. To teach us and remind us of what we still need to learn.” continued the stranger, “In life, I thirsted for knowledge, life experiences and excitement so much that I forgot all about my loved ones and what was really important to me. Now, I thirst with no means of quenching my thirst to remind me.” he finished calmly, nodding again at her.

She seemed to understand what he said, but why? Was she dead? What had she done to lose her mouth? Was it permanent? Would she thirst for ever like this stranger would?! Nothing made sense anymore. Leaning back over the water to look at herself she remembered again. “You told me you were going to Michelle’s house! So then why the hell did we get a phone call saying you were indecent with some bastard at the lake?!” was this her father? These memories keep fading in and out. Painful or Fond did she want either kind of memories?

“You must have so many questions… Excuse me, I didn’t mean to make fun. But this has got to be an odd situation.” Remarked the stranger turning back from the water to her. “I must say, you crossed the desert fast, your path must really be taking you somewhere…”. Puzzled she just stood mouth less staring at him. “Do you have any idea what and where you are?” he asked clearly concerned.

Nodding slightly then quickly shaking her head, did she realize she had no idea where she was or what this place was?

“I see. Did you see anyone before me? Possibly a timeless being that disappeared as rapidly as it appeared to you?”

She nodded, thinking of the blind sand sage.

“Ok, that’s your guide, it’s more or less a guide’s job to take you down your path, and yours to interpret it. I can’t say much for sure about this place, except that we are dead and whatever this place is, it is vast and mysterious.” Pausing for a brief minute then shaking his head slightly, “I don’t think this is heaven or hell. Whatever it is, it’s not what I expected when I died. I think.”. Turning back to the water, he continued “My name, now anyways, is heresy. I’d ask yours but… for another time I suppose.” Heresy then continued walk into the water, which parted away from him all around, swirling and gushing all around him as he continued on. It was then She noticed that on the far side of the lake was a jagged black shore line, covered in sharp rocks leading unto an enormous mountain range with lightning and dark ominous clouds bellowing far beyond their peaks.

“The wind has shifted I’m sure you’ve noticed. That means our time for rest has ended, I’m crossing, you can come with me, otherwise your trapped in the desert. There is no way to go around the lake to reach the mountains, the walk would be infinite. Trust me, I know.” Beckoned Heresy stopping not far into the body of water.

Was he talking about when the wind shifted just before she crossed the last dune and arrived at the lake? What did the shifting of the wind mean? Would she see the blind one again? Should she follow this strange man deeper still into the oblivion? And most of all was she really dead? Memories filled her mind once more. “I’m glad you made it, I’ve missed you” exclaimed the memory, she found herself drawn to him, with warm feelings inside. Strong feelings inside. She could almost see him again. Almost remember him.

After waiting for her explanation and getting nothing for more than time could allow, Heresy began walking again parting the see around him as he fell lower and lower the bottom of the lake heading towards the unknown for unknown reasons even to him. A true exodus. Without missing a beat, she pursued Heresy catching up to him just as all the water collapsed behind them, and the water swallowed up all but them and a bubble that encompassed them. Darkness then swallowed her once again, stopping just past dusk. Oddly enough, even now at the pit of the lake in almost pure darkness she could still feel the wind blowing to her right. There was no turning back now.