The Changling

This ‘excerpt’ I wrote as a concept for myself to see if I liked the idea of a killer who was obsessed trying to make himself into psychopath, focused almost exclusively on trying to eliminate his ability to feel empathy. I wanted it to be a thriller where he was being tracked down by a […]


background: This is a poem that is highly inspired and built on the poem/lyrics found in the songs of the Australian cowboy film called the Proposition. I won’t take credit for the structure or the perspective but I had a really fun time writing it and thought it was still worth sharing (we could also […]

A Hero has not fallen

I wrote this about 8 years ago (before posting it here). At the time I spent my lunch and smoke breaks chain smoking with all the people that hung around outside the pharmacy I worked at. They were mostly loners, disabled mentally or physically, and often were banned from entering the pharmacy for some past incident. They were some of […]