background: This is a poem that is highly inspired and built on the poem/lyrics found in the songs of the Australian cowboy film called the Proposition. I won’t take credit for the structure or the perspective but I had a really fun time writing it and thought it was still worth sharing (we could also call it heavily editing the original lyrics?):

West rider:

No said the wind to the moon
He must said the moon to the wind
He cannot whispered the horse
Why not? asked the moon to the horse
It is not your place to say said the earth to all

To say what? asked the rider to the horse moon wind and earth

Ride on horseman said the moon to the rider
Nay said the rider staring at the moon
You must insisted the horse with stirrups to the side
I refuse said the rider taking to the ground
It must be so trembled the earth below the rider
Continue said the wind gusting at the riders face
I will do what I wish said the rider taking to his aim
You cannot so soon bellowed the moon to the rider wielding his rifle
Try and stop me hissed the rider to the moon with a grin
You will miss whispered the wind to the rider blowing in his face
Fall rider fall said the earth to the rider shaking bellow his feet
Steady grumbled the rider to his aim
Miss damn you screamed the horse whinnying at the rider

Howl goes the wolf to the moon on the earth in the wind after the horse
He arrives says the moon to the earth
Its too soon says the horse to the wind
Stop the rider says the moon to the earth and wind
Howl goes the wolf to the moon

Steady is the riders aim as the trigger is squeezed
It’s not time screams the earth wind moon and horse
To late the rider whispers grinning to the sound of the bang

Howl goes the wolf running to the kill
Calm becomes the wind
steady becomes the earth following the wind
Low becomes the moon falling from the sky
Why says the horse to the rider lowering his rifle

Ride on says the rider mounting the horse
Its over says the horse stirrups to the side

Howl goes the wolf chasing after the horse

East Rider:

Faster howls the wind to the tracker
Hurry yourself says the rain to the tracker
Patience whispers the tracker kicking to the horse
Just ahead says the moon peaking through the rain

Howl goes the wolf far off in the distance
Time is running out screams the wind in the trackers ear
Run cries the rain stinging the trackers face
Deeply the tracker breaths kicking at the horse

Bang goes the thunder far off in the distance
No screams the moon with the rain and the wind
Its not to late bellows the tracker pulling out the knife
Howl goes the wolf disappearing in the night

Damn it all screams the tracker jumping from the horse
Take haste scowls the wind to the tracker in the rain
Silence yells the tracker to the wind and the rain leaning over the warrior
Howl goes the wolf just beyond the horizon

After him says the moon to the tracker clearing away the rain
This one is mine curses the tracker throwing the knife in the mud
Catch him screams the wind pushing the horse and tracker forward

Howl goes the wolf, laughing at the moon

South Rider:

Your fate is sealed hissed the snake at the cowboy,
This is a fools journey howled the coyote far off in the distance,
Give up is all the moon said watching the cowboy from above.

Nothing said the cowboy kicking his horse as he rode,
Fate will not favor you responded the horse galloping forward still,
Turn back rattled the snake striking at the horse,
He won’t be stopped yelped the coyote chasing after the horse,

Silent was the cowboy riding under the moonlight,
Bang echoed the gun far off in the distance,
Even if you find him it is futile foreshadowed the moon to the cowboy,
Not a word was uttered from the cowboy on the horse,
Where you go is unholy ground moaned the coyote,

No matter what happens you are mine hissed the snake,
Whinny went the horse jumping over the snake,
Quiet was the cowboy staring past the distance,
Know you no fear screamed the moon fading behind a cloud,
Howl went the coyote joined by his pack chasing the cowboy,

Silent was the cowboy chasing a gunshot in the dark