Day 2

Still stumbling around WordPress and all the updated plug-ins for the blogging beast!

So far I’ve managed to cut out any semblance of commenting on the site, seamlessly integrate various social network share links (all jetpack, amazing what 2015 wordpress can do!) and customize some of the function/code for my current theme.

I’m in the process of creating a static contact me link and a copyright mark for the footer of the site, as well as setting up a (hopefully free to use) shopping service, that would allow people to purchase my translation services, webhosting/site building, and any other services I weave into the hodgepodge of trying to sell myself in the 21st century.

I’m debating on whether or not to allow facebook comments in place of site comments (it isn’t that i hate comments, its more that I despise people needing to create a new account just to comment on my posts!), or possibly using Google+ for it (if that’s possible for free). ¬†What I’d really like to do integrate the site with the modern web as much as possible, including mobile access.

I am still trying to decide the best way to start my own image gallery for my travels. And if I can get things together I’d really like to get into the chinese language learning podcast biz (big bucks there lol).

Hopefully this post looks as scatter brained as I feel right now, but if you are reading this and have an idea of who I am, than something must be working!