Forks and Knives: Player Hook

Firewall really screwed the smartdog on this one. Some undercover agent in the Jovian Republic went rogue, taking an entire iron rich asteroid with him. The Jovians are pissed. They’re sending out hunter squads, nuclear capable ones, to who knows where. Who the hell steals from the Jovians?!

Guys’ firewall code is Knives, ‘Doctor’ Knives. All his personnel files are classified, even to me.  All I managed to get from the proxy overseeing Jovian operations was that this guys’ research went far beyond weapons research, something related to ego forking. He managed to convince some of the locals, some extreme group of scummers, to join up with him. The scummers were based out of Locus, and took their entire hab with them when they went. Its trajectory was pointed at the last known location of the asteroid.

Apparently there was a mining operation underway on the asteroid. The Jovians aren’t reporting the loss of the asteroid or any miners publicly, but thats standard Jovian op-sec. There’s been a lot of chatter on Locus coming from Jovian civilians, undermining the Jovian moratorium on unofficial contact with the rest of the system. Mostly people asking about friends or family gone missing. Not much for intel.

At any rate, you’re the best we’ve got, or more accurately, you’re good enough and we think we managed to get a bead on where this knives was headed. The Magnetosphere. Its a harsh place, but it makes sense, big enough to hide an asteroid, and the iron rich asteroid could shield from the harsh radiation. Firewall has secured transportation, a local smuggler, to the area of the magnetosphere we suspect the asteroid to be.  You won’t have much time before the Jovians run the same simulations as we did, and come knocking down the door.

There’s one more thing, Firewall isn’t after Knives because he went rogue from the group. This operation is being conducted to contain a potential X-Risk. Since this is your first X level threat, I’ll let you know now that there won’t be any support if you fail and that all of transhumanity may or may not be relying on you. So don’t f#@$ up.

-Anonymous message in your inbox

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